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It happened to the automobile industry.

What was once the automobile industry standard, today is no longer a presumed slam dunk for dealerships that heretofore purposely confused potential buyers with bogus hyped retail prices, deceptive "bait and switch" advertising, unnecessary and exorbitantly priced dealer add ons, e.g. scotch guard, paint protector etc. and bloated back end fees for financing.

Fortunately, a glut of information is now available to the automobile buying public and the mere presence and wide spread dissemination of this information has forever changed the automobile industry and its one time shoddy and shady sales practices. Simply said, the automobile buying playing field has been leveled and for those consumers willing to invest a little time to do research, they are no longer subject to being fleeced. Ironically automobile dealerships still are very lucrative businesses.

Itís happening to the Travel Agency industry.

I am not comparing the Travel Industry to the automobile industry but the public pressure on the airline industry for lower airfares has forced it to cut prices at every corner to what was once a scared cow, the travel industry.

Today many travel agents must settle for a 5% commission on what was not long ago a given 10% commission. Of course one thought still bothers airline consumers, is the airline industry passing the 5% savings on to the consumer or simply pocketing it? Iíll let someone write a book about that.

Itís happening to the Real Estate industry.

Where there was once the ubiquitous, unalterable 6% sales commission fee conveniently imprinted in any Realtorís standard listing contract there is now a blank. Real estate commissions are now openly negotiable and are filled in at the time of signing the listing agreement. If the market is hot, one may see real estate commissions dramatically decline due to fierce competition, conversely in a down market, commissions may rise dramatically. Also discount real estate brokers openly advertise to do it for less. Real estate companies like Help-U-Sell and Assist You Sell charge a flat fee to place your home in the local Multiple Listing Service.

Itís happening to the Stock Brokerage industry.

Some of us are old enough to remember when buying or selling 100 shares of IBM stock could cost hundreds of dollars in stockbrokerís commissions. Then came Schwab the discount broker, then E-Trade and a host of others until stock transaction prices of $8.95 per trade are frequently bantered about on slick TV and newspaper ads. Competition among brokerage houses couple with the easy access to information about stocks drove sales commissions down and down until now one wonders how will they survive.

It will happen to the Mortgage industry.

Fast access to information is what I have provided you in this book and I have given you a level mortgage industry playing field. You can now negotiate from the strength of reliable knowledge. There is no reason why you should be shrouded by mystery regarding how the mortgage industry works.

The mortgage broker or mortgage banker should no longer represent the intimidating, fear provoking "Oz" who hides behind the drapes. Like Dorothyís dog Toto in the movie classic, "The Wizard of Oz," I have pulled back the drapes for you to clearly see that reality isnít at all the perception the mortgage industry has skillfully painted over the decades.

Be prepared, however, to listen to many mortgage brokers and bankers say I am simply trying to sell my book to a naive public. The same tactic was used in the automobile industry, etc. Other mortgage brokers will openly scoff at you, "Samís crazy" or "Heís obviously doesnít know how the mortgage industry really works" or better yet, "Heís got to be making money somewhere."

Yes I am making money, from the sale of my book and if you choose to use my services there will be a flat fee involved but what I am making is openly and honestly discussed.

Now letís get to my guarantee but first a short story. I remember a story a friend told me. He was a salesman at a large warehouse furniture store. While cruising the aisles looking for someone to sell furniture to he came across a new salesman who was demonstrating an expensive recliner to an elderly gentleman.

How does it feel?" The salesman asked as the old man relaxed in the plaid herculon recliner.

"Pretty good." The old timer answered as he settled into the recliner. "Say, what kind of guarantee does this thing have?"

"A lifetime guarantee." The novice salesman quickly replied.

"Hmm.." The old man thought. "Exactly how does a Ďlifetimeí guarantee work?"

The young salesman struggled for a moment for an answer. "Well, the lifetime guarantee works like this, when the recliner breaks its life is over."

The old man bought the recliner even though its guarantee was dubious.

I will not end this manual with such a flimsy answer regarding my guarantee. Here is my guarantee in simple to understand English.


Samís Guarantee

If you read my book diligently and cannot find a mortgage broker in your area who will get you a home loan at Par (wholesale) and for a pre-determined flat fee, if I am licensed in your state, I will get the home loan for you for a flat fee and at Par. If I am not licensed in your state I will, for a small fee (typically a few hundred dollars) contact a mortgage broker in your area and negotiate a Par flat fee loan for you. For more information, visit www.reloan.net.

If for any reason I cannot do this for you, return the book in its original condition and receive a full refund within 90 days of your purchase.

If you do not wish to deal directly with a mortgage broker and want me to do everything for you, simply fill in the Mortgage Application form in the back of the book and fax it to me, or, log on to GoFREECLEAR.COM and complete the online form and e-mail it to me. The same is true if you cannot find a mortgage broker who will provide you a loan at Par and for a flat fee and you wish for me to find one for you.

*My guarantee does not, either expressed or implied, guarantee that you will get a loan if you are not credit worthy or the home in question does not meet appraisal requirements or any other condition that would prevent your qualifying for a home loan.

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